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With the right support during early years, a child can develop all the skills needed to achieve his full potential. Adults who surround the child in his early childhood play an important role in setting up the foundation for his quality development.
That is why it is a significant part of our work to provide support to parents, caregivers, grandparents, educators, and to all those who want to help children to have a happier childhood. We follow the challenges they face and try to provide educational materials and tools. This is how the Novak Djokovic Foundation Online Academy was born.

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Smiljana Grujic

Smiljana Grujic is a psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in constructivism. She mostly deals with emotions, communication and misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships, challenges of personal growth and development. She tries to always encourage children's development, because she thinks that children's eyes always look in the right direction. Smiljana works as Head of programs at the Novak Djokovic Foundation, where she developed a program for parents and caregivers called "Support, not perfection".

Jelena Djokovic

Jelena Djokovic is a dedicated mom who passionately believes in the power of learning. Her personal mission is to joyfully share everything she learns, collects or discovers with other people, because she knows that children's well-being multiplies that way. She believes in a world in which we will learn from each other with the desire that everyone takes for themselves what they want. She is the Global CEO of the Novak Djokovic Foundation and a conscious parenting coach certified by Dr. Shefali.

Participants’ impressions

I must say that I am delighted and that it is very nice and useful to hear something different from what we are used to. As someone who deals with children professionally and recently became a parent, I must praise your initiative to educate parents and parenting professionals.

Milena Martinović

It’s hard to put into words how much you help us! It means a lot when you know that other parents are going through the same things with their children and that they have similar everyday doubts.

Dragana Rašić Vuković

Jelena is a very pleasant surprise for me, because she is so honest in her thoughts and open to share her methods of self-help and self-improvement with the listeners, through the suggested literature. Smiljana unobtrusively radiates experience, knowledge, and the ability to put it all into the language of the average listener, who will understand everything during the lecture, but will also understand how much room there is to improve one’s personality by working on oneself.

Tamara Jocović

You have helped me see several ideas for the steps I can take with my son and see where they lead before implementing them. You have empowered me to be a dad who will always be supportive and ask for support when he needs it, make mistakes sometimes, learn from them and correct them as you go.

Jovan Komlenac

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